Commuter Services

Outreach program of I-494 Corridor Commission

Anne Kollmeyer

iPad mini Prize Winner!

Pamela Freeman from Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota!

“I live in Oak Grove and my commute is between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours one way. Thankfully, my employer allows me to telework and it’s a Win Win Win! It’s a win for me because I am not contributing to traffic and air pollution on my work from home days. It’s a win for Children’s because I am more productive and often work longer hours, giving some of my commuting time back to the company. And it’s a win for the environment and for our roads and other drivers, as it is one less vehicle clogging up the roadways and less pollution clogging up our airways.”

David Higley

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Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker!

John Evans

“My wife, Jeanine and I carpool from Apple Valley to Richfield every day. Once we've coordinated our work and lunch schedules for the week, we reap the benefits: Less gas used (good for the wallet and the environment), use of the HOV lane to and from work, and good company during the commute!”
John and his wife have carpooled together for 19 years. Actually, they have been commuting together since kindergarten when they rode the same school bus. True story!


Lori Johnson

December Commuter of the Month

Beth Reissenweber - Augsburg College

“Taking the bus has given me the opportunity to walk more, build community, and save money; all while leaving the driving to the friendly Metro Transit bus drivers. I have been riding the bus to work since last June and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! No more stress of sitting in traffic jams! I have found that I am very productive on my bus trips, from reading contracts and working on budget strategies to simply reading quietly.”

Rita Remington

November Commuter of the Month

Sue Humphrey’s vanpool – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Since first hitting the road in 2011, the van has logged over 11,500 trips and nearly 105,000 commute miles. With an average of six people in the vanpool, it has added up to significant reductions in cost, miles and greenhouse gas emissions. The vanpoolers appreciate these savings but also the shorter commute time and reduced stress vs. driving alone. But even more than that, Sue says “vanpooling is so much more than a shared ride to work, I have gained genuine friendships!”



Penn Fest Bike Winner

Pete Tressel - Richfield

"Riding your bike to work, on errands or just for fun will give you the best feeling you’ll have all day. There’s no easier way to get around town while also exercising. Don’t get in the car – hop on your bike and ride."

Commuter Fair

Commuter Fair

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