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Outreach program of I-494 Corridor Commission

October Monthly Prize: Wireless Earbuds

Work from home, bike, walk, or use any other non-drive alone mode of transportation to work at least one day by October 31 for a chance to win wireless earbuds.

Click here to participate.

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Fall Bike to Work Week – Extending Your Season

You don’t have to hang up your bike for the year just because the temperatures have dipped. Participate in our Fall Bike to Work Week – Extending Your Season Oct. 19-23 and learn how to ride on through the cool days ahead!

A silver lining for 2020 is that nationwide, communities have experienced an increase in bike riding and bike commuting. Though the leaves are falling, new and experienced bicyclists alike can extend the bike season with a little know-how.

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Webinar: Bicycle Commuting 2.0 – Extending Your Season

To teach riders how to extend the season, Commuter Services is hosting the webinar, Bicycle Commuting 2.0 – Extending Your Season, from 11 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, Oct. 20. Local bike commuting enthusiast Doug Shidell will give bike commuters tips on how to ride comfortably in all weather conditions. Creator of the Twin Cities Bike Map and consultant for Commuter Services, Shidell will cover a number of topics, including:

• Seeing and being seen after dark – lights, reflectors and precautions
• Riding in comfort – keeping hands and feet comfortable, protecting your face, and preventing your body from overheating
• Riding in the rain – staying dry without sweating
• Cold weather riding – dressing for the conditions, drying clothes for the ride home
• Biking in ice and snow – it’s not for everyone, but keep these tips in mind if you want to try

Register now for Bicycle Commuting 2.0 – Extending Your Season!

Cool Weather Biking Swag Bag

We want you to be comfortable in your fall and winter rides, so Commuter Services is giving away a Cool Weather Biking Swag Bag and a $50 gift certificate to your favorite bike shop. The swag bag will include “cool” things like our custom One Less Car bike jersey, a knit hat, hand and toe warmers, reflectors and bike tools, and much, much more!

To win the Cool Weather Swag Bag, register to ride your bike to work at least once during Fall Bike to Work Week, Oct. 19-23!

Biking Resources

If you’re interested in extending your riding season, be sure to request free bike commuting resources when you pledge to participate in the Fall Bike to Work Week! We have tips for safe winter riding, clothing recommendations, and more. You can even sign up to receive our Bike Trails Update or get a free 2020 Hennepin County Bike Trail Map!

You can also get our bike commuting resources by filling out our Commute Assistance form anytime of the year.

2020 Commuter Challenge Winners

Prize: Electric Bike

Michelle McCarville - Best Buy – Richfield

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, I was able to telework a few days a month, and I’m lucky enough to have transitioned to teleworking full time until we’re all able to be back in the office. I’ve reduced the wear and tear on my car, saved money on gas, and been able to be more flexible in my work hours so I can interact with my offsite counterparts when it’s most convenient for them. I also love being able to have the windows open while I work so I can enjoy the summer breeze and see what’s going on in the neighborhood.”

Prize winner Photo

Prize: $500 Visa Gift Card

Kevin Kelley - Skywater Technology – Bloomington

“Since the pandemic came upon us, I have teleworked for the most part. I am eager to return to the office when it is safe.

My home is in Shoreview and my workplace is about 23 miles south, near the Mall of America. There are not many transit options for me, but there is one option I really like. My wife works at HCMC in downtown Minneapolis. I’ve often enjoyed carpooling to work with her, then taking the Blue Line LRT from U.S. Bank Stadium (next door to HCMC) to the Mall of America. From there, it is a fairly easy half-mile walk to my workplace.

Though not as convenient as driving, it gives my wife and I a chance to spend time together, and sometimes even have a dinner date downtown.”

Prize winner Photo

2020 Events

  • January - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode (Prize: Electric Snow Shovel)
  • February - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode (Prize: Portable Bluetooth Speaker)
    Heart Health Month
  • March - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode (Prize: Choice of $100 Starbucks or Caribou Coffee Gift Card)
  • April - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode (Prize: $100 Target Gift Card)
    Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22
    Get on Board Day is April 16
  • May - Commuter Challenge
  • June - Commuter Challenge
    Dump The Pump Day is on Thursday, June 18
  • July - Commuter Challenge
  • August - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode (Prize: Blaux Wearable AC+ Personal Air Conditioner and Purifier)
  • September - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode Prize: Sanitizing Wand)
  • October - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode Prize: Wireless Earbuds)
    Commuter Services’ Bike to Work Week Oct. 19-23
    Join us for a free webinar, Bicycle Commuting 2.0: Extending Your Season Oct. 20 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Register today!
  • November Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • December - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode

**Additional events will be added throughout the year