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Current Projects

Knox Avenue Transitway

April-August 2020
The Knox Avenue Transitway is part of the METRO Orange Line Construction project, which will close (scheduled for April 23) the southbound I-35W to westbound I-494 ramp for approximately four months. This short video explains the closure and detour.

construction image

Plans for this project are to:

  • • Construct the transitway under I-494
  • • Connect the Knox Avenue and 76th Street and the Knox Avenue and American Boulevard stations
  • • Provide a multiuse trail for bicyclists and pedestrians


  • • Westbound Hwy. 62 to southbound Hwy. 100 to I-494
  • • Ramps from southbound I-35W to 76th Street and 82nd Street to Penn Avenue will remain open for local access.


  • • The ramp closure will not affect Metro Transit service
  • • Until further notice, riders should take transit for essential travel, only

35W@94: Downtown to Crosstown

Aug. 21, 2017 through fall 2021

construction image

Traffic impacts

Learn more about this project, including project staging, and how to move through the project area, including how to do the zipper merge.

2020 Project Updates

For a list of upcoming traffic impacts, see the Upcoming section.

Bridges by location

24th Street Pedestrian Bridge

Ramps by location

Some of the ramp closures listed below are multi-year closures. This is needed to allow motorists to safely travel through the project area during the reconstruction of I-35W. The number of lanes will be reduced and shifted at various times which makes ramp access to/from I-35W difficult for vehicles.

To Downtown: Northbound I-35W to 11 Street/Grant Street

Access into downtown from NB I-35W is one northbound lane to allow for ongoing construction in the area. Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes or use transit to travel in/out of downtown.

Routes into downtown

Northbound I-35W to 5th Ave
Access from NB I-35W to 5th Ave. S – OPEN

Routes into downtown

From Downtown: 12th Street to southbound I-35W
From Downtown: 4th Avenue/10th Street to south I-35W – CLOSED
  • April 20 to mid-summer 2020

Routes into downtown

I-35W/I-94 Interchange: Eastbound I-94 to southbound I-35W
I-35W/I-94 Interchange: Northbound I-35W to westbound I-94
Closed May 18, 2018 through fall 2021

This ramp is being fully reconstructed. Once complete, motorists will no longer merge on the right side of WB I-94; instead, motorists will merge on the left side and will have a dedicated lane through the Lowry Tunnel, helping to reduce congestion. The Lyndale Ave./Hennepin Ave. exit will still be accessible from WB I-94.

Prior to the reconstruction of the ramp, there are additional construction activities in the I-35W/I-94 junction that need to happen and have been in full swing since mid-June 2018. Highway lanes will be reduced and shifted at various times and construction of the new ramp piers would not allow traffic to be safely switched around.

Fifth Avenue ramps
5th Ave. ramp to NB I-35W – CLOSED
31st Street ramps
35th Street ramps
SB I-35W to 35th St. ramp – CLOSED
35th St. to NB I-35W ramp – CLOSED
36th Street ramps
NB 1-35W to 36th St ramp– CLOSED
  • Tuesday, June 23 through September 2021
  • Detour: NB 1-35W to 46th St. exit to Park Ave.
      36th St. to SB I-35W ramp – CLOSED
      • Closed March 2, 2018 through fall 2021
        • Detour:Portland Ave. to 46th St. (PDF)
        • The number of southbound lanes will be reduced and shifted at various times while crews work for the three years after the 38th St. bridge reopens. This will make it difficult for vehicles entering from 36th St. to safely merge onto SB I-35W.
      46th Street ramps
      SB I-35W to 46th St. ramp
      • SB 1-35W to 46th ramp - CLOSED
      • The ramp from 46th Street to 1-35W is closed Tuesday, June 23 through September 2021.

      Highway work by location

      I-35W: Northbound from 43rd to Downtown Minneapolis
      MnPASS Express Lanes remain open
      I-35W: Sounthbound from Downtown Minneapolis to 43rd Street
      NB I-35W is reduced to three lanes through fall 2021
      • MnPASS Express Lanes remain open
      I-35W: Southbound from Downtown Minneapolis to 43rd Street
      SB I-35W is reduced to three lanes through fall 2021

      Local road work by location

      Second Avenue
      SB Second Ave. between 40th St. and 42nd St. – CLOSED
      • Closed Mon, Aug. 19 through January 2020

      *This closure is part of the I-35W drainage improvement project.

      Lake Street

      Lake St. between Nicollet Ave. and 2nd Ave. – LANE REDUCTIONS
      • Mon, Aug. 26 through Spring 2020
          31st Street
          31st St. has reduced lanes between Stevens Ave. and 2nd Ave.
          • Reduced lanes through fall 2021
          Stevens Avenue
          Stevens Ave. between the Midtown Greenway and Lake St. – CLOSED
          • Closed Oct. 22, 2018 through September 2020
          Stevens Ave. between Lake St. and 35th St. – LANE REDUCTIONS
          • December 2019 through early January 2020

          Trail and sidewalk impacts

          Spring 2020
          Sidewalks are closed on the following roads:
          • • South side of Lake St. between Blaisdell Ave. and 5th Ave. S, closed Mon, April 20 through November
          • • North side of 31st St. between Stevens Ave. and 2nd Ave. S
          • Temporary Midway Greenway closures in early May: Detours (PDF)

I-35W Minnesota River Bridge

Bloomington, Burnsville

Aug. 20, 2018 to Nov. 2021

Traffic impacts

Note: The I-35W Minnesota River Bridge will remain open to three lanes of traffic (one MnPASS lane) during peak travel times in both directions for the duration of the project.


If you live near Minnesota River Bridge you may hear noise beginning in early April as crews work to remove pavement on both sides of the river. Note: 106th St. and Lyndale Ave. may see delays as a considerable amount of truck traffic will be entering and exiting the project area.

Lane closures
March 25 through fall 2021; 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily
  • I-35W will have alternating lane closures in both directions between Cliff Rd. in Burnsville and 106th St. in Bloomington
  • Note: After 10 p.m. I-35W may be reduced to a single lane
February through fall 2020
  • 106th St. is reduced to a single lane in both directions between Verdi Rd. and Lyndale Ave. S.
Oct. 18, 2018 through summer 2021
  • SB I-35W reduced from four lanes to three between 106th St. and Cliff Rd.
Ramp closures
Tuesday, June 9 through early September 2020
Oct. 18, 2018 through summer 2021

Trail/sidewalk closures
Through fall 2020
  • The sidewalks on the south side of 106th St. between Verdi Rd. and Lyndale Ave. S. may be fully or partially closed for utility and/or construction work. Please follow the posted detour during any closures.
  • Detour: Use sidewalk on the north side of 106th St. (PDF)
Mon. through Fri.; 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily
  • Minnesota River Bottoms Trails west of the I-35W River Bridge in the construction area is closed (Saturdays will be make up-days in case of rain).
  • Trail conditions

    For more information about trail conditions, visit the Dakota County website.


Information about upcoming traffic impacts will be posted as details become available.

494 construction image

I-494 Inver Grove Heights, South Saint Paul

Inver Grove Heights, South Saint Paul

494 construction image


  • Minnesota River to Hardman Ave: July 2019 through fall 2020
  • Complete: Blaine Ave. to Hardman Ave: August 2018 through fall 2019


  • I-494 between Blaine Ave. and Hardman Ave.
  • I-494 between the Minnesota River and Hardman Ave.


  • Improve traffic flow and safety
  • Extend pavement life
  • Drainage improvements

Traffic Impacts


• I-494 west is reduced to two lanes between Dodd Road and Hwy. 55 through June 1.

  • • The ramp from I-35E north to I-494 west is closed through June 1.
• The ramp from I-494 west to I-35E south is closed through May 11.



Information about upcoming closures will be provided as details become available. All traffic impacts are tentative and weather dependent.

Future Projects

I-494: Airport to Highway 169

Bloomington, Richfield, Edina, Eden Prairie in Hennepin County
2022-2023: Estimated construction start date
494 construction image

About this project

MnDOT staff and its partners are working to provide environmental documentation and preliminary and final engineering reconstruction of the I-494 freeway that travels through the cities of Bloomington, Richfield, Eden Prairie and Edina.

In 2018, Corridors of Commerce, a state road improvement grant program, awarded the project $134 million to introduce MnPASS lanes from EB France Ave. to Hwy 77 and from WB Hwy 77 to I-35W. An additional $70 million was awarded to construct a directional ramp for NB I-35W to WB I-494 traffic.

The current stage of the project is looking at the entire freeway from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Hwy 169 to determine the size of the project and begin the environmental review process. The proposed project is envisioned to improve the capacity of the interstate and dramatically improve the reliability of the average rush-hour trip.

Summary of work

• Provide a transit advantage to increase the number of people who can be efficiently moved through the area
• Improve the reliability of the average rush-hour trip
• Improve safety
• Restore pavement to preserve infrastructure and provide a smoother ride
• Improve drainage systems to reduce localized flooding and reduce run-off into the Minnesota River
• Preserve existing bridges

  • Environmental review process: Summer 2018 through Fall 2019
  • Construction start date: 2022-2023 (estimate)
    •    • Some work might be done earlier to reduce traffic impacts

Project Timelines

Traffic impacts

  • The current stage of the project does not involve construction and no traffic impacts are anticipated.
  • An extensive review of current and planned construction projects surrounding the corridor is being conducted to minimize impacts once construction begins in 2022 or 2023.

Completed Projects

Highway 5 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

April-October 2020
Learn more at the project-specific website,, on the Around the Airport fact sheet or on MnDOT’s Highway 5 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport page. A project overview is available, or visit the Around the Airport interactive map for details.

Hwy. 62 and Hwy. 212

July 2018-June 2019
Project resurfaced Hwy. 62 from just east of I494 in Eden Prairie to Tracy Avenue in Edina. All ramps were repaired, improvements were made to ADA ramps, and pedestrian and bike access points. Work completed restores and extends pavement life.


March 2017-Summer 2018
Improvements were made to I-94 from Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis to Single Creek Parkway in Brooklyn Center. Repairs were made to all entrance and exit ramps, 50 bridges on or over I-94 and the Whitney pedestrian bridge, and tile in the Lowry and Portland Avenue tunnels. Nine miles of pavement was resurfaced. The westbound I-94 bridge deck over Hwy. 252 was reconstructed, improvements were made to drainage and concrete barrier areas.

Hwy. 169 Improvement Project

January-October 2017
Replaced Hwy. 169 bridge over Nine Mile Creek in Hopkins, Minnetonka and Edina with a causeway. Reconstructed six miles of pavement on Hwy. 169 between Hwy. 55 and Hwy. 62, constructed acceleration and deceleration lanes. Removed access to and from southbound Hwy. 169 at 16th Street in St. Louis Park, paired noise walls, replaced construction barriers.

I-494 Improvement Projects

Edina, Bloomington, Richfield
Reduced maintenance needs by replacing guard rail with concrete median barriers, improved ride quality for motorists and improved traffic flow. Provided future opportunity to match development goals for the area due to replacement of Xerxes Avenue bridge.

I-494 Rehabilitation

Smoothed road surface on I-494 between I-394 and I-694 (Fish Lake Interchange). Completed project extended bridge life and lessens congestion during peak hours.

Hwy. 169 Bloomington Ferry Bridge Improvement

July-August 2013 - Shakopee, Bloomington, Eden Prairie
Replaced strip seal joins ton Bloomington Ferry Bridge. Included shoulder work in both directions and drainage repair where needed.

Hwy. 169/I-494 Interchange

2012 - Eden Prairie
Reconstructed the interchange with six connections, removed traffic signals. Connected the north and south frontage roads under Hwy. 169. Constructed noise walls and drainage and water quality facilities.