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Outreach program of I-494 Corridor Commission

The I-494 Corridor Commission is a joint powers organization established in 1986 to address concerns about increasing traffic congestion along the I-494 Corridor. The commission works to encourage economic growth and regional prosperity through improved transportation options.

The board of the I-494 Corridor Commission includes representatives from each of our five member cities, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Council, and the private business community. By having such wide representation, the Corridor Commission is able to make decisions on regional transportation goals and policies.

Meeting Info

Board Members

Name Title City/Agency Phone
Rebecca Schack, Chair City Councilmember Minnetonka 612.590.3735
Jack Baloga City Councilmember Bloomington 952.944.5194
Lisa Toomey City Councilmember Eden Prairie 952.388.8827
Kristin Asher Public Works Director Richfield 612.861.9795
James Pierce City Councilmember Edina 952.833.9548
David Lindahl Economic Dev. Manager Eden Prairie 952.949.8484
Glen Markegard Planning Manager Bloomington 952.563.8923
Julie Wischnack Community Dev. Director Minnetonka 952.939.8200
Simon Trautmann City Councilmember Richfield 612.205.6822
Andrew Scipioni Transportation Planner Edina 952.826.0440

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