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Outreach program of I-494 Corridor Commission

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Try a sustainable mode of transportation. Replace a drive-alone trip to work or school and instead take the bus or train, bike, carpool, walk, telework or vanpool.

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Win a gift card, roomba or commuter bicycle

February Prize Winner!

Thomas VanRiper - Mall of America
Winner of a Fitbit Flex 2

“Many people cannot afford to get a car, myself included. Transit offers an affordable means of getting around and opening options outside of walking distance. The fares are very affordable, I recommend taking advantage of the Go-To Card and Metropass. The drivers are very helpful with learning the routes and connections.”

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April Commuter of the Month!

Scott Watson - Best Buy Headquarters - Transit Rider

“I commute by bus most days, and love it. My employer fully subsidizes my MetroPass, 100%. That's a great benefit that I've enjoyed for five years now. It has saved me, my car, about 10,000 driving miles. Riding buses during the winter has been keeping my older car still very rust-free.

I work at the border between first and second-ring suburbs; impressively, my workplace can be reached via eight different bus lines, four of which I have used. In the winter I usually transfer at the new Southdale Transit Center, where eight bus lines converge, and there are several shelters with dual heat lamps. During warmer months, I walk part way around one of the city lakes to a bus route that takes me right to work, no transferring needed, and the bus ride takes only 10 minutes. I get good exercise with beautiful views.

For me, bus commuting does not take that much longer than driving, and is very stress-free. I've gotten nicely acquainted with several drivers. I'm keeping my carbon footprint small and reducing traffic. I have encouraged many co-workers to consider switching from driving to transit.”

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To learn more about Metropass and how to offer it at your company, please contact our Director of Outreach, Kate Meredith at or 612-750-4494.

Facebook Prize Winner!

Aimee Rumpza
Winner of two ANKR Tracking Devices

“I love riding the bus and the light rail. I work in downtown St. Paul and parking is both a hassle and expensive. I take an express bus from a transit station and hop on the light rail which drops me off right at the front door of my workplace. I work for the State of MN and they subsidize the cost of my unlimited transit pass. It's faster, cheaper and way less stressful than driving to work I spend my time to and from work reading, catching up on social media or just relaxing. It's a fabulous way to start and end the day.”

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2017 Events

  • January - Google Home Prize to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • February - FitBit Prize to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • March - Roku Premiere+ Prize to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
    March 1 deadline for Commuter Choice Award nominations
  • April - Commuter Challenge
    Commuter Choice Awards Ceremony is April 26
    Earth Day is Saturday, April 22
  • May - Commuter Challenge
    State of the Commute is May 23
    National Bike to Work Week is May 15 - May 19. National Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 19.
    Commuter Services also celebrates Bike to Work Week in June (see below)
  • June - Commuter Challenge
    Commuter Services’ Bike to Work Week is June 19 - 23
    Bike to Work Celebration at REI in Bloomington: 4:30 to 6:00 pm on June 21st
    Bike to Work Celebration at Purgatory Creek Park in Eden Prairie: 4:30 to 6:00 pm on June 22st
    Dump The Pump Day is on Thursday, June 15
  • July - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • August - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • September - Promotions for Carpool to Work Month
  • October - Carpool to Work Month
  • November - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • December - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode

**Additional events will be added throughout the year