Commuter Services

Outreach program of I-494 Corridor Commission

March Prize Drawing!

Win a Roku Premiere+

Each month we have a prize drawing for those who try a sustainable mode of transportation. Replace a drive-alone trip to work or school and instead take the bus or train, bike, carpool, walk, telework or vanpool.

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January Prize Winner!

Michael Harder - Metropolitan Airports Commission
Winner of a Google Home

“My overall experience with biking to work this past month was a great one. It took a little planning on what clothes to wear [recommendations received from Commuter Services] and what route to take. I made a point to travel on the parkway for safety purposes with less car traffic. One big tip would be, you will get warmer faster than you think. I was amazed how fast the body heats up! So don’t wear too many layers. Another learning experience, plan ahead. If your work has locker room facilities bring your clothes the day before to reduce your weight biking in. I continue to share my experience with other co-workers and encourage them to try this method of commuting to work.”

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March Commuter of the Month!

Youngtak Lee - Starkey, Eden Prairie - Carpool

“I moved to Minneapolis from Atlanta for an engineering job after graduate school. When I began working at Starkey, I learned about their commute benefits program which provides preferential carpool parking and monthly financial incentives for employees who carpool, take the bus, bike to work or ride in a vanpool. The experience has been phenomenal. I appreciate and support the idea of having such commuter benefits available from my employer.

I was an active participant in a similar program in Atlanta; I used to walk and bike to the lab in an effort to support a campus-wide green commuter program. I support increasing the awareness of a green community and at the same time reducing traffic; so far it has been a great experience for me with sharing the ride and getting to work on time! I hope my shared experience can stimulate others to carpool, bike, walk or take transit, and encourage companies to offer commute incentives to help the community be a better place to work and live.”

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If you would like to learn more about setting up a commute benefits program at your company, please contact our Director of Outreach, Kate Meredith at or 612-750-4494.

Facebook Prize Winner!

Aimee Rumpza
Winner of two ANKR Tracking Devices

“I love riding the bus and the light rail. I work in downtown St. Paul and parking is both a hassle and expensive. I take an express bus from a transit station and hop on the light rail which drops me off right at the front door of my workplace. I work for the State of MN and they subsidize the cost of my unlimited transit pass. It's faster, cheaper and way less stressful than driving to work I spend my time to and from work reading, catching up on social media or just relaxing. It's a fabulous way to start and end the day.”

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2017 Events

  • January - Google Home Prize to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • February - FitBit Prize to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • March - Roku Premiere+ Prize to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
    March 1 deadline for Commuter Choice Award nominations
  • April - Commuter Choice Awards Ceremony is April 26
    Earth Day is Saturday, April 22
  • May - Commuter Challenge
    State of the Commute
    National Bike to Work Week is May 15 - May 19. National Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 19.
    Commuter Services also celebrates Bike to Work Week in June (see below)
  • June - Commuter Challenge
    Commuter Services’ Bike to Work Week
    Dump The Pump Day is on Thursday, June 15
  • July - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • August - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • September - Promotions for Carpool to Work Month
  • October - Carpool to Work Month
  • November - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode
  • December - Monthly Incentive to Try a Sustainable Commute Mode

**Additional events will be added throughout the year