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35W@94: Downtown to Crosstown

Aug. 21, 2017 through fall 2021

Traffic impacts

To learn more about this project, see summary of work. See Project scheduling and staging for a complete overview of project work.


Bridge closures

6 a.m. Fri, March 2 through early August
  • • 38th St. bridge will be closed over I-35W
  • • EB detour: Nicollet Ave. to 36th St. to 3rd Ave. S
  • • WB detour: 3rd Ave. S to 35th St. to Nicollet Ave.
  • • Bicycle Detour: 1st Ave. S (NB)/Blaisdell Ave. (SB) to 40th St. pedestrian bridge to 3rd Ave. S
  • • Pedestrian detour: 1st Ave. S to 40th St. pedestrian bridge to 3rd Ave. S

View map for all 38th St. bridge detours (PDF)

Sept. 18 through summer 2018
  • • The Franklin Ave. bridge closed over I-35W.
494 construction image

Ramp closures

Tue, March 6 and Wed. March 7; 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily
  • • EB I-94 to SB I-35W
2 a.m. Fri, March 2 through fall 2021
  • • 36th St. to SB I-35W closed

Note: There are a number of reasons this ramp is closed through fall 2021:

  • • During the 38th St. bridge reconstruction, there is not enough room for vehicles to safely merge from the ramp onto southbound I-35W
  • • Once I-35W highway reconstruction work begins this summer, the number of southbound lanes will be reduced and shifted at various times while crews work for the three years after the 38th St. bridge reopens. This will make it difficult for vehicles entering from 36th St. to safely merge onto southbound I-35W.
Aug. 24 through fall 2021
  • • 5th Ave. S to NB I-35W
Aug. 24 through 2018

Additional closures

Mon, March 5 and Tue, March 6
  • • Overnight closure of the access out of downtown (from 12th St/4th Ave) to SB I-35W
Fri, March 2 to early August
  • • Intersections of Stevens Ave. and Second Ave. S. between 37th St. and 38th St. will be closed

Note: Residents will be able to access Stevens Ave. and 2nd Ave. S from 37th St. or 39th St. During the closure, two-way traffic on Stevens Ave. between 37th St. and 38th St. will be allowed.


Road closures

Wed, March 7
  • • Overnight closure of SB I-35W between I-94 and Hwy 62
  • • Detour: WB I-94 to WB I-394 to SB Hwy 100 to EB Hwy 62
Thu, March 8
  • • Overnight closure of NB I-35W between Hwy 62 and I-94
  • • Detour: WB Hwy 62 to NB Hwy 100 to EB I-394 to EB I-94


Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center Click here for more details

Schedule: Construction: Mar. 20, 2017, into summer 2018, weather permitting

Location: I-94 between Nicollet Ave. in Minneapolis and Shingle Creek Pkwy in Brooklyn Center

Benefits:Smoother road surface
Longer lasting bridges and pavement
Improved drainage
Reduced damage to freight goods in transport

Summary of work

Remaining project work in 2018:

Repair two bridges on I-94
Repair Whitney pedestrian bridge

Project work completed in 2017:

Resurfaced nine miles of pavement on I-94 between Nicollet Ave. in Minneapolis and Shingle Creek Pkwy in Brooklyn Center
Repaired 48 bridges on or over I-94
Reconstructed WB I-94 bridge deck over Hwy 252 in Brooklyn Center
Repaired tile in (I-94) Lowry and Portland Ave. tunnels
Replaced guardrail
Improved drainage and concrete barrier in areas
Repaired all entrance and exit ramps


Pedestrian bridge closure

May to early August

The Whitney pedestrian bridge (connecting Loring Park to Walker Art Center/Sculpture Garden) will be closed to walkers and bikers Detour: Groveland Ave.

Note: Work on the Whitney pedestrian bridge may potentially require full weekend road closures and lane closures on I-94 and ramp closures and lane closures on Hennepin and Lyndale Avenues.

Ramp closures

April to July

EB I-394 to WB I-94 will be closed (up to three months)
WB I-94 to Hwy 55 will be closed (up to one month)

I-494/Hwy 62 Congestion Relief Study


Minneapolis, Richfield, Eden Prairie, Bloomington and Edina

494 construction image


About the study

This study focuses on I-494 and Highway 62 between the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport on the east and the I-494/Highway62 interchange on the west. Both corridors are being studied because improvements to either corridor are likely to impact the adjacent parallel corridor. The study will identify potential MnPASS lane additions; other mobility improvements such as auxiliary lanes, turn lanes, dynamic shoulders and interchange modifications; and transit improvements such as bus-only shoulders and transit access improvements.


Study goals

  • Increase the number of people (not vehicles) that move through each highway corridor
  • Enhance economic vitality for the public and private businesses in the Twin Cities region
  • Enhance safety and mobility by providing congestion free travel options
  • Enhance and maintain advantages for transit, taxi cabs, airport shuttles,  carpools, and non-motorized connections (pedestrian, bicycle, and light-rail)
  • Use existing roads, right-of-way, and performance based principles and improvements that are lower-cost and provide a high-return on investment.
  • Coordinate timing with other scheduled and funded projects
  • Involve the public and stakeholders in the study

Next steps

MnDOT will use the results from the study to determine whether to move into the environmental/pre-design process for specific improvements on one or both corridors, and/or to add specific improvements to programmed projects, or to seek additional funding for future actions.



As the greater Minneapolis region continues to grow and develop, traffic volumes will also continue to increase. There are areas along both I-494 and Highway 62 that are experiencing high levels of congestion today.

The Metropolitan Council’s Transportation Policy Plan and MnDOT planning documents recommend a system of MnPASS Express Lanes throughout the Twin Cities Metro area.  MnPASS lanes currently exist on I-35W, I-394 and I-35E. Several other corridors are being studied for future MnPASS lanes including this study of the I-494 and Highway 62 corridors.

Interstate 494 and Highway 62 are parallel freeways connecting communities to employment and retail destinations in Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Richfield  and to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) International Airport.


Study ongoing - anticipated completion is late 2016


I-494 and Highway 62 between Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport on the east and I-494/Highway 62 interchange on the west.



This powerpoint offers much more detail about the project Click here

Hwy 169 Improvement Project

Project completed: Jan. 23 through Oct. 31, 2017

About this Project - Click here for more details
Summary of work
Work on Hwy 169 included:

  • Replacing the Hwy 169 bridge over Nine Mile Creek in Hopkins, Minnetonka and Edina. The bridge was replaced with a causeway, which is a raised road across a low or wet ground. Bridge conditions require that it be replaced by 2020.
  • Reconstructing more than six miles of pavement on Hwy 169 between Hwy 55 and just north of Hwy 62
  • Constructing acceleration and deceleration lanes on Hwy 169 at Cedar Lake Rd.
  • Removing access to and from southbound Hwy 169 at 16th St. in St. Louis Park
  • SB Hwy 169 ramps to and from 16th St. closed permanently
  • Repairing noise walls
  • Replacing concrete barrier
  • Improving pedestrian accessibility


494 construction image

I-494 Rehabilitation

Plymouth Click here for more details

This project has been completed

Location: I-494 between I-394 and I-694 (Fish Lake Interchange)

Benefits: Smoother road surface
Extends bridge life
Lessens congestion during peak hours

I-494 Improvement Projects

Edina, Bloomington, Richfield

This project has been completed

Project Benefits

  • Improved ride quality for motorists will be increased
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Reduced maintenance needs from replacing guard rail with concrete median barrier
  • Future opportunities to match local development goals for the area due to replacement of the Xerxes Avenue Bridge

Hwy 169 Bloomington Ferry Bridge Improvement

Shakopee, Bloomington, Eden Prairie (July through August 2013)

This project has been completed

Summary of work

  • Improve Hwy 13/101 weaving concerns
  • Replace strip seal joints on Bloomington Ferry Bridge
  • Shoulder work in both directions
  • Drainage repair where needed


  • Hwy 169 between Hwy 101 (Shakopee) and Pioneer Trail (Bloomington, Eden Prairie)
Click here for more information

TH 169/I-494 Interchange

This project was completed in late 2012.


View of Completed Interchange
494-169 Image


Project Benefits

Improved safety and mobility by converting this expressway to a freeway. This work included:

  • Reconstructing the interchange with six connections
  • Removing traffic signals
  • Connecting the north and south frontage roads under Hwy 169
  • Building noise walls
  • Constructing drainage and water quality facilities