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Looking for a carpool partner?

The region offers a free carpool matching system where you can connect with others who have a similar commute. Your information is always kept private. Find a Carpool Partner

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Already have a carpool partner?

If your company offers preferred parking for carpools, you must register your carpool to be eligible to use the parking.

Please read the Preferential Carpool Parking Policy to ensure your carpool qualifies before beginning the application process.

NOTE: We have upgraded our carpool registration system and it is now fully online (paper registrations are no longer accepted). All new and renewing carpools will go through the upgraded system.

Apply for Carpool Parking

Before applying for carpool parking each person in the carpool must create a commute profile. Please note that only one person from the carpool can apply for parking on behalf of the carpool.

If you are the person applying for parking, please print and follow these instructions. Once you have printed the instructions, click here to get started.

If you need to create a commute profile, click here.

*Normandale Community College Staff/Student Instructions - Click Here

Questions? Please contact Commuter Services at (952) 405-9425 with any questions about registering or renewing your carpool.

Carpool Parking Registration Instructions

Normandale Community College Carpool Parking Registration Instructions

Commuters who share the ride to work at least three days per week are eligible for Guaranteed Ride Home.
Click here to learn more.

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"I love carpooling. It allows me time to wake up, socialize and save on gas money. Plus I get to use the carpool lane and avoid morning frustrations due to traffic!"

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